The Kshatriyas are a large block of Hindu Castes, mainly located in the northern part of India. The Sanskrit term Kshatra means “warrior, ruler” and identifies the second varna, ranking immediately below the Brahmins. No doubt, most of the many castes that claim to be Ksatriya are somehow descended from warriors who were in the service of princes and rulers or who were of royal families. Conversely, numerous rulers have legitimized their status, especially if usurpers, by claiming that their lineage was indeed Kshatriya. Most typical and best known of these groups are the Rajputs, who once formed the many princely houses of Rajasthan (former Rajputana) and neighboring areas. Of course, today most Kshatriyas are landowners or follow urban professions.

With the Change of time we should not depend on the ancient glory alone but, be united, help each other, and enter into, business, profession and politics to provide rightful place to the community.

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